Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's on...

Wow. What an evening. I promised I would update this blog for y'all every night. So here is your first post!

It was a full house at Bloor Cinema tonight. Justin Lin's latest film, Finishing the Game, opened this year's Reel Asian fest with a spinning roundhouse. Here are some pics from the red carpet and the screening.

The opening party was held close by at the Century Room. Wicked food by Spring Rolls, awesome tunes from DJ San Fran and an all around amazing evening.

We're off to an amazing start!

For all those who were at the opening, get some rest! Tomorrow we get things rolling with something Out of the Ordinary. And if you weren't at the opening, there's a ton of stuff going on so check out the schedule, here. There's something for everyone!

Throughout the fest, if you happen to see me running around with my camera, feel free to ask me to take your photo! You just might make the Reel Asian blog!