Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lav Diaz Party at Spin Gallery

Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz's film Death in the Land of Encantos was featured in TIFF's "Future Projections" programme and we had a little get together for the visiting filmmaker where his film was projected during the party. Diaz's film is 9 HOURS LONG!!! So, it was a long evening. (I stepped out to do some work and came back, and it was still playing). I know some people have seen the whole thing and believe me, they wear it like a badge of pride - and they should!

anyway, here's a few pics. (special thanks to Abdi Osman who took these pics!)

A matress put to good use...

Director Lav Diaz and Reel Asian Programmer Heather Keung.

Director Lav Diaz and TIFF Programmer Cameron Bailey.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stay tuned...

In a few weeks, I will be posting some interviews from some Asian film personalities. We'll talk about making films, watching films and of course writing about film!

AS WELL, look forward to some inside exclusive information about Reel Asian: Asian Canadians on Screen, an anthology text that is being co-published by RAFF.

TIFF is over...

Well, TIFF is over. Here are a couple of pics to close off another great year of film in Toronto.

Flashpoint playing at Midnight Madness.

I rushed for tickets to Dainipponjin. This was my view. =T

The director of a sweet film called Gentle Breeze in the Village.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Highlights from TIFF...

As promised here are few highlights from TIFF this year.

Pang Ho-cheung, director of Exodus.

Jessica Yu (director) and Jimmy Tsai (lead) of Ping Pong Playa'.

Yusuke Iseya from Miike Takashi's SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO.

The loud and enthusiastic crowd of Midnight Maddness.

Collin Geddes getting the crowd excited at SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO.

Hong Kong heartthrobe Daniel Wu at the gala premier of Blood Brothers.

Lu Lu of Blood Brothers.

Outside Roy Thompson Hall.

Alexis Tan (right), director of Blood Brothers.

Lulu taking some time to sign autographs.

I spotted Reel Asian's International Programmer, Raymond Phathanavirangoon.

Alexis Tan and some cast bowing at the conclusion of the film.

It's been exciting but for me it's only half over. I still have some more films to see and you can certainly expect some more photos.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally, more pictures from the Hollywood Chinese after party...

It's been hella busy with TIFF going down in Toronto. I will be letting you all know shortly about some great films I've seen. But finally, here are some more pics from the Hollywood Chinese after party.

Acting Executive Director Grace Bai. Before the chaos.

Nancy Kwan arriving.

Richard Wong, director of Colma, saying hi and exchanging "man-hug" with Aram Siu Wai Collier, Reel Asian Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

San Francisco Asian American Film Festival director Chi-hui Yang schmoozing.

Nancy Kwan taking time out for some pictures in front of our new backdrop!

Arthur Dong and Chi-hui.

Reel Asian Executive Director Deanna Wong (on maternity leave) getting hugged by Festival Manager Chris Chin .

That's Julia Kwan, director of Eve and the Firehorse, second from the left.

Filmmaker and author Richard Fung

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reel Asian Fundraiser!

The first ever Reel Asian dinner fundraiser was last night.

The dinner took place on a private floor of the amazing Lai Toh Heen.

The service was great and the food was incredible!

Board member Karla Bobadilla and Hollywood Chinese director Arthur Dong.

Guest schmoozing before the feast.

VIP guest Nancy Kwan and Deanna Wong (Executive Director, on maternity)

Nancy Kwan and board member Phil Tsui.

Lisa Lu, Nancy Kwan and Arthur Dong.

Staff and Board members: Karla, Phil, Chris, Christina, Richard and Deanna

This wonderful evening was made possible by the hardworking staff and board members at RAFF.