Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lav Diaz Party at Spin Gallery

Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz's film Death in the Land of Encantos was featured in TIFF's "Future Projections" programme and we had a little get together for the visiting filmmaker where his film was projected during the party. Diaz's film is 9 HOURS LONG!!! So, it was a long evening. (I stepped out to do some work and came back, and it was still playing). I know some people have seen the whole thing and believe me, they wear it like a badge of pride - and they should!

anyway, here's a few pics. (special thanks to Abdi Osman who took these pics!)

A matress put to good use...

Director Lav Diaz and Reel Asian Programmer Heather Keung.

Director Lav Diaz and TIFF Programmer Cameron Bailey.