Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Asian Canada On Screen: Live at the Agincourt Library...

Today was my first official day in the office as online coordinator!

Christina making some business calls.

Today, we headed up to Scarborough for a community screening at the Agincourt Library. We screened three films by filmmakers featured in our book Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen.

Slightseer | website
Midi Onodera | Canada 2001 | 3min | Video

Some people say that cinema in its present state is on the verge of dying. But cinema is much more than just the magical chemistry concealed within this format. It is imagination, faith, and suspension of belief. It is our collective past, a reflection of ourselves. Without this history we are doomed to repeat the past. Without our continued thirst to quench our vision we are simply sightseers in a "global image economy".

Good Luck Counting Sheep | website
Khanhthuan Tran | Canada 2007 | 4min | BetacamSP

Celine's Concert Series '98 SOLD OUT! Fans desperate for tickets can't wait until Dolly the Sheep, the new mascot announces the winners of the three front row tickets! Based on a front-page story, this pop-adaptation was originally an illustrated comic book in 2001.

Wilson Leaves Home
| website
Nicole Chung | Canada 2007 | 12min

While taking care of his sickly father, Wilson, a young professional, still lives at home. His girlfriend, however, has other ideas (like living together). His dad can't stop eating junk food, and it looks like there is a lady other than Wilson's mom around...

Heather, Deanna and Khanhthuan.