Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Book Launch was a huge success!

On Wednesday, Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen was launched at the Gladstone. Everything was awesome. A whole bunch of contributors came out, the book was unveiled, musical and theatrical performances and of course tons of shmoozing. What a great way to start off things. THE FESTIVAL IS NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Here are a few pics from the evening.

We selected some prints that made the book and had them blown up to 8X12. They look stunning. They will be on sale at the fest. All proceeds go to RAFF.

People arriving. The Gladstone was a perfect location for the launch.

Contributors Nicole Chung and Keith Lock checking out the book.

Copy Editor John Mani chatting with contributor Lily Cho.

ACOS's editor and leader, Elaine Chang.

Contributor Richard Fung.

Contributor and TIFF Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes.

The crowd enjoying a performance by contributors Phil Tsui and Ann Marie Fleming.

Ann Marie and Phil.

John Mani, Christina Sit Yee and Khanhthuan Tran.

Along with many others, I got my copy signed by contributors Kwoi Gin and Cheuk Kwan of Chinese Restaurants.

Lily Cho and Cheuk Kwan.

A wonderful and funny performance by contributors David Eng and Leon Aureus.

As festival photographer, you'll likely spot me in a crowd very easily. I am the one bumping into people, stumbling over things and blinding you and everyone in the room with annoying flashes.
But I am very proud to say that I was Project Manager for Asian Canada on Screen as well. It was a remarkable experience and it was a great honor to work with the book's staff and everyone involved with the text. I am very proud of it and encourage you all to come to the table set up at the fest and check it out. It's unique, it's fresh, it's Asian, it's Canadian, it's a lot of things and it's available at RAFF for purchase.

Spread the word.